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Turning dreams into reality, one hustle at a time.

My Story


Grigori Mikayelyan is an American internet entrepreneur and angel investor who has built an impressive career in the technology sector. He is best known for founding Oisto, a medical equipment marketplace, Forkspot a food technology company with over 2000 restaurants and Growcycle, a premier B2B agricultural marketplace connecting thousands of growers and manufacturers worldwide.


Throughout his journey, Grigori has founded multiple successful tech companies, specializing in fields such as e-commerce and robotics. His innovative approach and unwavering drive have led to the creation of groundbreaking products and solutions that have made a lasting impact on the industry.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Grigori is a devoted husband and father of two daughters. He balances his personal and professional life while remaining a steadfast advocate for lifelong learning and growth. Committed to giving back to the community, Grigori dedicates his time to mentoring fellow founders and developing products that enhance and enrich people's lives.

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